Tendencies 2017

Tendencies 2017

Spring and summer is quickly approaching and we are happy to introduce our 13th collection in merely 6 years - our Tendencies 2017. In the collection, we have great focus on inspiring you to make your home your personal oasis.

When the world outside turns green, we encourage you to bring the green indoor. Fill your vases with beautiful, fresh flowers - pick your favourite herbs in your kitchen garden and bring the wonderful scents into your kitchen - revitalise your living room with large, green plants in big, weaved baskets.

Your office should be your personal sanctuary. Create your personal working space that fits your needs and desires. Simplicity is key, which is also the focal point of our designs and styling. Simplicity allows tranquillity to spread throughout the home.

We hope that you will enjoy our new collection, and we welcome you to an inspiring spring and summer 2017.

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